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The professional’s choice for automotive industrial and construction. These heavy-duty jacks are strictly manufactured according to ANSI standards and they are well known for their high quality, easy use and complete safety. We offer a complete line of top quality jacks, from bottle jacks to industrial lifts, designed for the highest level of safety possible while providing excellent durability and longevity.

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About zinko.

The name to trust in Hydraulic Jacks!

  • Quality: Manufactured to exacting ANSI standards, Zinko jacks are made to last. Various models are CE certified and built to JIS and ASME standards.
  • Cost Savings: Competitively priced with like products our rugged jacks offer longer lifespans decreasing overall equipment cost and the majority of our equipment is easily repairable and repair kits are always in stock for your convenience.
  • Availability: Our Southern California warehouse offers expedient service.
  • Service: A complete network of nationwide service centers quickly responds to your equipment repair needs.
  • Custom Application: We have an extensive clientele ranging from huge Aircraft Manufacturers to small custom jack applications. We can engineer customized equipment to meet your requirements or give you a quote on manufacturing a custom unit that you may already have drawn up.




Hydraulic pulling jacks

Hydraulic Pulling Jacks. The pulling jack is ideal for drawing heavy objects, positioning structures, welding or lifting heavy loads.


Hydraulic bottle jacks

A powerful heavy-duty jack that is ideal for use in the automotive, machinery, and construction industries. Suitable to many different lifting and pushing applications.


Air Hydraulic Bottle jacks

Turn ordinary manual bottle jack power into air-hydraulic power. When connected to your shop’s air lines, these versatile jacks can safely deliver lifting power with the ease of a button.


Toe Jacks

Designed for lifting loads with very low clearances. Such as heavy cargo moving, bridge or plant construction, installation of industrial machinery and shipyard equipment.



Beveled gear construction combines the precision forging pinion to provide shifted tooth form, strong and excellent interlocking.



wedge jacks

Lightweight, portable, and easy-to-use wedge jacks make for a simple, one person operation and are and ideal choice for rescue operations. Designed to penetrate and open, the heavy-duty cylinder allows for an easy return.


The name to trust in Hydraulic Jacks! The professional’s choice for automotive, industrial and construction.

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